Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Class and Student blogging

Kai Ora e te Whanau o Te Tinana.

Halfway through term 2 the children were introduced to being Cybersmart. Learning about how important it is to know about safety while using their devices and being online, prepares them to take the next steps in the  Learn Create Share  Pedagogy [way of teaching]
We have been looking at what it takes to make quality blog posts to share on their own blog.
We still have to learn how to write quality comments on other peoples blogs. 

Quality blog posts have a title, a label, what is being learned, DLO - a Digital Learning Object [visual], Reflection, and next steps.

We are still working on the last 2 steps of this process, however, the children have posted blogs in the early stages of this process. 

Quality blog comments are the next part of our blogging learning. 
A quality blog comment must be positive, thoughtful and helpful.

Please ask your child to share their blog with you and encourage them to add more of their school learning or experiences outside of school.

Term 1 Highlights 2019. 

Statistics is the strand we are learning in Maths. We started by collecting data from the people in our class and finding out their birthday month to put together a graph.
We decided to make a Pictograph.


The sun was shining, the school pool was sparkling clean we were all ready for Whaea Rhonda and the Swim4Life programme.
Every Monday from week 2 to week 5 Whaea Rhonda came to work with us on the Swim4Life programme.




Here are some of the student's thoughts. 

Whaea Rhonda shared what she knows about water safety with us every Monday. 

I love to swim.  Whaea Rhonda showed us how to put our hand up straight above our head when we are in trouble in the water. It was fun learning how to be brave and not to panic. I want to learn to put my head under the water.

Whaea Rhonda taught us how to be safe in the water. Now I know when I see a still hand up in the air in the pool it means someone needs help.  Now I know to use the pool noodle to help people having trouble in the water.
Cassidy. S.

On Mondays, I went to the swimming pool with Whaea Rhonda. She taught me how to be safe and that we should always swim with an adult.

I went to the school swimming pool with my class. Whaea Rhonda showed me how to use a pool noodle to help someone in trouble in the water.

I went to the school pool with my class. Whaea  Rhonda taught me how to put my hand up when  I am in trouble in the water.

Rona and the Moon  

A Maori legend. 

We read the legend of Rona and the Moon.
A story about a woman who must make sure she has a meal ready for her family for when they return from fishing. As night falls, she realises she has no water and has to fetch some from a nearby stream. Rona uses the moon to light her way. But on her way home the moon slides behind a cloud. Rona trips on a tree root and falls losing the water from her calabash.  Rona becomes angry and yells mean words at the moon. The moon does not like this and reaches down to grab Rona. Rona grabs hold of a Ngaio tree which is pulled up with her to the moon and it is said she is still there today. 

Below are the visual stories of Rona and the Moon from the students using rakau - rods. [ Working together / Collaboration / Porihanga]

The creations.

The Magic Show

One of the shows that came to us in term 1 was a Magician with a focus on healthy eating.

Student feedback

The part I liked at the Magic show was when the wand kept breaking. I liked that part because every time he fixed it, it broke again and it made me laugh.

At the magic show, Bobby was up on the stage.  She was a  chef. Bobby waved the wand and it hit the Magicians head. When Bobby held the wand it kept breaking, it was funny. 
At the end of the show, the Magician made birds out of fire.  WOW, he was AMAZING. 

l went to the magic show.
I saw the birds in the cage.
The bird turned into a  rabbit.

Our School Gala Day - March 23rd.



Gala Day memories.

On  Gala day  I went on the merry-go-round. It was lots of fun. I was on a  horse it was going up and down like it was a real horse.

Chase. B

On the weekend we had our school Gala day. I really really wanted to go on the train because it went around and around the field. I really liked the go-carts too because they had green and red peddles. The green peddle is to make the car go forward, and the red peddle is to make the car stop.

At my School Gala. I ran up the Bouncy castle and I climbed the Rock Wall. When I got up to the top of the wall I  touched the red button. After all my fun I went and got a hotdog. It was yummy. 

On Saturday we parked near Lake Ngatu and walked over to Paparore School to the Gala. When we got to the school, we bought 20 tickets. I went to the motorbikes, and I did a backflip when I was on the bungee jump. It was sooooo much fun. 

On Saturday mum, my cousin and I all went to my Schools’ Gala. My cousin and I had $30 each to spend. Our first ride was on the push bikes, then we went to the motor cars it was lots of fun. We went around in circles. We got off to let other people have a turn so, we went to get hot chips. They were yummy so I got more hot chips.  I was a bit sneaky using my mum's ticketsto buy the hot chips. After eating all the salty chips I got a fizzy drink. It was a great day.
Tyson N.

On Saturday my family and I went to the Paparore school gala. Firstly I had a slushy it was colourful, cold and yummy.  Next, I went on the race cars, but I kept on crashing.

Duffy Role model - June Pitman-Hayes

June Pitman-Hayes was our Duffy Role Model for this term. She is a writer, a musician, and a singer. Her latest book Tawhirimatea is a story that ..... 'weaves together the aspects of Maori mythology with the seasons as a family welcomes Matariki' [June Pitman-Hayes] 

June read the story to the whole school and then performed her song. Ataahua [Beautiful]

Our class assembly. Rock, Paper, Scissors.

We presented a retelling of the Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors. 

[Video to come]

Story tellers
Rocks and Clothes Pegs


Chicken dinosaur nuggets
Sticky tape men

 Statistics - Creative Graphing.

We collected data on the eye colour of people in our class and decided on a different way of graphing this data to show our results.

Ripper Rugby Skills

Quick reaction activity - Head, shoulders, tummy, knees, BALL
The children had to quickly react to what Hayley-Jade called to beat their partner to the ball. 

Ball skills with Hayley Jade.

Game - Children are paired up. The number 1s have the ball. The number 2s are the taggers. Team one lines up at one end of the field and Team 2 lines up opposite them at the other end. The object of the game is for team 2 partners to tag their team 1 partner before they get to the opposite end of the field to score with the ball. 

The end of term 1 arrived so quickly.

Here we are making happy holiday baskets so everyone in our class is included. 
[Diverstiy / Rereketanga / Inclusivity]

With 2 card templates, the children had to cut along the lines to make strips then weave single strips of paper to make the sides of the basket. They had to remember the over-under pattern and to glue the ends. We filled our baskets with shredded paper and some of the children had chocolate treats some had stickers and treats from the treasure box. 

We hope you enjoyed some of the highlights we experienced in Te Tinana this term.